Building Inspector


Building Inspectors ensure that all buildings and construction sites meet local and national building codes. They also ensure that all zoning regulations are followed and contract specifications met. They may inspect any combination of highways, buildings, water systems, dams, and bridges, among a host of other structures, as well as heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

All the other details

Building inspectors review building documents to make sure that the plans and specifications meet all code requirements. Once their review is complete, they issue an approval so that construction may commence. Over the course of the project, they periodically inspect the site to make sure the work is up to code. Using a variety of meters and testing equipment, they inspect plumbing, electrical, and other systems, as well as verify that buildings are level and at the correct elevation..


Skills needed

  • Communication skills
  • Craft experience
  • Mechanical knowledge
  • Physical stamina

Education required

No matter how much work experience an aspiring building inspector has, a high-school diploma is required to obtain the position. Many certifications and degrees for building inspectors that can be helpful when applying for jobs, in addition to coursework in building inspection, home inspection, construction technology, and drafting.


The average starting salary is $40,937. With experience, they can possibly earn up to or over $64,277.