About the job


Carpenters build and repair frameworks and structures, which can entail working with wood or steel framing, stairways, doorways, trusses, and rafters. They may also build and install cabinets and hang drywall. Alternatively, many carpenters become specialized in artisan millwork or room finishing.

What You'll do

Carpenters perform many different tasks during their workday. They need to be able to read and understand construction documents, plans, and specifications. Carpenters install many different building components, including windows, and doors, and have to be able to measure and cut materials accurately.

Types of Carpenters


  • Residential primarily work with residential housing.
  • Commercial work with office, retail, school, and hospital buildings, as well as other large projects.
  • Industrial work in factory settings where they build scaffolding or concrete building components
  • Finish provide finishing touches after the primary building of a structure is done




The average starting salary is $45,170-$49,690 but will vary depending on experience and training.